Bijoux, accessories, clothes and furnitures
embroidered with bobbin lace

The preservation of a heritage of ancient traditions by creating objects with modern design, the enhancement of the artisan culture of the bobbin by reinterpreting it through innovative materials and uses. This is the intuition of the Moravia Project, in which the passion for bobbin not only embellishes clothes, accessories and furnitures, but also makes the embroidery itself, not only a technique, but a real object, when the braided threads become elegant bijoux.
Moravia revives the tradition of the bobbin lace of Mirabella Imbaccari in young and colorful collections, which reflect creativity, roots and love for her own land.

traccia merletto

Moravia Paratore

Moravia Paratore was born in Mirabella Imbaccari, “Municipality of tombolo”, a little town in the heart of Sicily. Here the bobbin is part of the history of every family, also of her own, it is like a “home” object that connects the generations. Moravia has learned to use the bobbin since she was a child, looking at the mother and the other women of the town. Her first creations began with her mother, making small colored accessories for their home.
In 2011 she left Sicily to move to Rome, where she started to work in an historical shop of Campo de Fiori. In Rome, Moravia felt the bond with her roots growing stronger than before.
The owner of the shop for which she was working for saw some of her bobbin lace creation,and asked her to sell them at the shop and she couldn’t believe how fast the were selling.
Moravia realized the great potential, versatility and creative possibilities of this ancient art that has always been part of her. She understood that she could have made something new: if the traditional bobbinette was white and iscru, she would have focused on color; if the threads used had always been linen and cotton, she would have experimented with new yarns and materials; if the embroideries of the past were made to embellish tablecloths and towels, she would have made the embroideries precious bijoux themselves.

Ancient Technique, Current Design

Ancient points are used to create modern designs and to give life to new forms. In Moravia’s creations, the bobbin technique finds new possibilities alongside other disciplines: design, modeling, cutting and sewing. This is how delicate and feminine handmade items and accessories are created: unique pieces that make the classic item new and in which the baroque influences typical of the Mirabellese style remain fundamental elements of a heritage that is not wanted and should not be lost.

My mother, first supporter of the Moravia project
and precious working of the Tombolo